2023 meets 2024- how the big themes will continue… and evolve

Online’s ongoing struggles: E-tailers’ bleak 2023 many be followed by 2024 stabilisation, but we should’t expect too much good news. At the lower end of the price scale, Boohoo Group couldn’t… Read more

As mask mandate ends in England, stores ask consumers to continue wearing them

The request comes despite the government ending its Plan B measures in England on Thursday that made it compulsory to wear masks in stores, restaurants and on transport systems. Restrictions… Read more

France deals blow to Amazon as warehouses remain shut

Amazon’s French warehouses, which employ about 10,000 people on permanent and interim contracts, have been shut since April 16 after court rulings ordered the company to limit deliveries to a… Read more

H&M backing firms promising social change

The world’s second-biggest fashion retailer said it will sell homewares made by two social enterprises – businesses that aim to do good as well as make a profit – in… Read more

G7 countries devise way to catch Amazon in tax net

Some European countries had concerns that Amazon may fall out of scope of the proposed new rules because its overall operating margin as a company is less than 10%, which… Read more

Indian textile industry commits to UN on promoting circularity

At the signing ceremony, organised by the Indian Ministry of Textiles, Minister Shri Upendra Singh emphasised the challenges posed by textile companies’ waste. Although the Indian textile sector is gradually… Read more

How the fashion industry doubled down on sustainability in 2018

PVH CorpPVH, the company that owns Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Speedo, signed not one but three major initiatives this year in a bid to reduce the waste generated by… Read more

In Germany, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof director fears the impact of continued lockdowns

“The business sector is under pressure at the moment, especially textile retailers,” Miguel Müllenbach told German publication Bild. Warehouses are overflowing, he said. “In the clothing sector, we are going… Read more

Fast-fashion chain Primark expands sustainable cotton programme

The group’s sustainable cotton programme trains farmers on using fewer chemical pesticides and fertilisers and less water, thereby preserving the biodiversity and helping to mitigate against climate change. It also… Read more